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Reveal the full potential of your own backyard with NatureKast. Discover the finest in outdoor kitchens and cabinetry.

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From NatureKast’s own expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to our dedicated team, NatureKast offers everything you need to turn your dream outdoor kitchen into reality.

NatureKast's custom outdoor kitchens are completely adaptable to your needs

Our cabinetry can accommodate most barbecues, ceramic grills, cooktops, warming drawers, pizza ovens, and more. Discover all the possibilities and outdoor kitchen features request a design for your outdoor kitchen today.

What is Naturekast?

NatureKast is a line of outdoor cabinetry that stands up to the elements in a unique way. NatureKast gives the look and feel of natural wood without constant maintenance or upkeep. NatureKast is the first 100% weatherproof cabinetry that stands up to snow, wind, rain, sun and so much more. Their advanced technology hi-density resin system perfectly captures the texture, look, and color of natural wood cabinets.

With NatureKast, outdoor kitchens are easier and more elegant than ever. Here are just a few of the unique benefits of this line of outdoor cabinets:

  • Wood design that won’t warp, crack, scratch, or fade. And it doesn’t require constant sealing and upkeep to keep looking beautiful for years.
  • Large range of designs and styles. Finishes for any taste and shapes and cabinet styles to create your dream outdoor kitchen.
  • NatureKast is built with installers in mind. The cabinets are easy to install and ready to use faster than other brands of outdoor cabinetry.

When contemplating an investment in an outdoor kitchen for your home, you know that whatever you choose will have a tough list of outdoor elements to withstand. Harsh winters, rainstorms, blistering sun, and punishing humidity… NatureKast outlasts them all. When you choose NatureKast cabinets for your new outdoor kitchen from Distinctive by Design, you’re choosing quality that is built to last. 

Door Styles

8 timeless door styles with over 25 finishes in multiple wood grains to select from

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