Your kitchen is the most important room in your house. So you want it to be as efficient, comfortable, and just plain beautiful as possible! But where do you start?

Collect pictures and ideas

Build up a clear picture of how your kitchen needs to work for you. The more information you can provide the better. Imagine yourself walking through your new kitchen. How does it look? How do the surfaces feel? If you find that difficult to do, look through some magazines and cut out pictures of kitchens that inspire you. Just for the moment, forget about any financial constraints. Just see what you like and don’t like. It helps you shape your ideas. Take a look around our showroom, too, and jot down the features and colours that appeal .

Your kitchen your style

Each one of us is different – and we each cook for different reasons. Perhaps you’re a bit of a culinary whizz and you love cooking up new and interesting dishes for friends – or just for yourself. Feed your passion with a kitchen that suits. Maybe you like cooking as a social activity, bringing people together to eat and drink. Distinctive By Design offers a wide variety of unique kitchens.Carefully consider the style of kitchen and how it relates the the house and its architecture. You can refine your choice by considering the Contemporary, Transitional or the Traditional styles and how they best meet your needs.

Decide what kind of ‘personality’ your kitchen has

Everyone’s kitchen is different – and we each want something slightly different from it. Yours may have people coming in and out all the time (whether they live in your house or not!). Conversely, your kitchen may be a much quieter place with a totally different ambiance. Alternatively, you may like everything to be really high-tech with the latest music and entertainment systems built in. Think about how ‘multi-purpose’ your kitchen is – and how that needs to be reflected in the new design.

Make sure you have enough storage

Plan your storage needs right at the start – and never underestimate how much you need! Distinctive By Design has new systems and technologies available that allow you to access every item in the kitchen quickly and easily. If you have one talk to your designer about this – and about how you can design your storage in better ways.

Have a budget

It’s important to plan ahead and its equally important to plan a budget. The more realistically you are prepared from a financial perspective the better.